Saturday, December 21, 2013

Appreciation ~Gen 9

"Visiting this world is just like visiting my past, it is painful yet meaningful, it is hurt yet can be a potent cure, how could I leave this space, my memory is here, my story, my up and down phases. Past is a good place to visit but certainly not a place to stay. Yeah..I'm on the go, to achieve all my dreams!" 

How time flies, it is already December 2013. Talking about age make me dizzy, haha. But I don't care, because aging is a normal process, I'm in a good stage as long as I live my life happily. Feel young and stay young~~ :D . But, perhaps due to a big distinct discrimination of age among my classmates, this 'aged' matter  is somehow make me feel safe, secure and relax to face any unexpected outcome. Yeah! positive me ;)

Sorry for rambling about that but, but, I want to stress here that I LOVE my classmates (Gen9) now. I don't know why, they are so kind-hearted, helpful, and some of them are genius (I guess :p). I can feel the sincerity there, they love to be a better person , they are the new generation who will be a treasure for the ummah. I'm not praising without any reason, but I proud to be among them. I have learn a lot and of course they remind me of various memories during my good old days. Somehow, 'wake me up' to the real world I faced now. Indeed, everything happened for a reason. 

This 'hikmah' is really precious and wonderful. We will face our final battle for this semester 1, year 2 on 27th December 2013, 5 days to go~. Semoga Allah permudahkan kami (Gen9 Optometry 2013) dalam peperiksaan akhir nanti, semoga kami semua (26 members) berjaya dengan cemerlang di dunia dan akhirat. Always tajdid niat dan purify our heart, work hard and leave the rest to Allah SWT. I believe, we all can to do it well :) 

Here they are, craziness overload :p 
Here's the examination timetable,

27 Dec : Monocular Visual Process
28 Dec : Health Communication
30 Dec & 3 Jan : Skill Test (Clinical Optometry 1)
5 Jan : Clinical Optometry 1
7 Jan : Fiqh & Ethics in Everyday life
9 Jan : Ocular Physiology 
11 Jan : Pathology & Pharmacology

11 Jan (evening) : all 26 students of 2nd year Optometry can back home with sweet smile and panda eyes. InsyaAllah

24 Jan : 1st Anniversary (ehh ;p) 


#One of our classmate (the 27th member), Ain, I believe Allah SWT have a better plan for you. Don't give up, don't be sad, everything will be okay. You are the chosen one. Hehe, I know maybe she will not read this, heart alway pray for her.# 

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