Saturday, December 21, 2013

Miracle in my life

My life has been full of unexpected situations. The story is interesting and my journey is amazing. I’m 26 year old woman, a wife and still, I’m a student. Never had I thought before to be a wife and a student at the same time. My husband is 28, and he is now working as a Housemanship Officer in the hospital near my hometown. Meaning, we are in long-distance marriage. This coming 24th January 2014 will be our first anniversary. Yes, our marriage is still young and fresh, and there are still long journey to go. When talking about marriage, Allah says your spouses are garments for you, a garment may or may not fit perfectly, it covers imperfections, protects and beautifies. Indeed, I’m not a perfect one for my husband, but I believe both of us are appreciating our similarities and respecting our differences for the sake of happy marriage.

 Only Allah SWT Knows how grateful I am, once finally I am getting married with the man who will guide me all the way towards His Blessing. Reflected back at the moment once I decided to say ‘Yes’ to him, I feel so calm and relief. I feel so blessed once for first time in my life being a ‘makmum’ to the ‘imam’ who is my dear husband. That moment has been the turning point for me to live my life better than before. I believe that every prayer we ask from Allah, Allah will approve it no matter when, and no matter how. That is His promise. I still remember the day of our wedding; all my family members came and cook together. Even my wedding ceremony was celebrated in a very ordinary and moderate way; it was so happening and meaningful. All my friends came to celebrate and more importantly all the guests coming and pray for both of us which is one of the ‘barakah’ in the marriage.

Now, almost one year I have been a wife to a wonderful man. We are not always seeing each other due to this long-distance marriage. But, enough with only a message or a short conversation with him via phone; it can boost up my strength, refresh my day and nourish our love. I’m thankful for every phone call I received from him and I’m thankful for every smile he gives me once I arrived home. It’s priceless.
As a newlywed, we are not excluded to face a few difficulties in managing our life together especially in the condition where we live separately. However, Thanks to Allah because we managed to settle every problems smoothly. The key in the communication between husband and wife are, to talk and discuss, to listen and being tolerate if necessary, and to understand each other’s condition. Most importantly, nothing can help one happy marriage except The Power of Allah and His Blessings. Every time I remembered and missing my husband, I pray to Allah, ‘May Allah Bless him and Ease his way, May Allah Preserve our love till Jannah’. I believed that only prayers between two hearts can make the love grows beautifully.

From now on, there are still lots of knowledge we have to dig in especially the knowledge about parenthood. Even though we are not yet getting a child, but the preparation is the must. Of course I and my husband are dreaming to have a child, but maybe the condition now is not suitable, in which we are not living together. Anyhow, we are appreciating our marriage as much as we can before entering the parenting stage and I’m positively have faith that we will have a child soon, once Allah Want it happen, then it will happen. When the time is getting hard for me, he is the one who always being there. His patients and modesty are indescribable. He accept me as who I am. Indeed, he is a miracle in my life, my dear husband.

p/s : This is the assignment for Parenting Course..
..this is, what my heart feel, forever and ever.. 

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